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Pet Transportation

Just Move are acutely aware of the love, care and attention required to ensure a safe and secure pet relocation. Being pet owners ourselves, we get it!


Just Move professional and dedicated services offer full support and reassurance to our clients during a very stressful and traumatic time for both pet and their owner. Just Move experience and professionalism work to reassure our clients that their pride and Joy animal friends are in safe and caring hands. 


Services Include:

  • Greeting on site:  A member of Just Move staff will meet you at the Airport Cargo Terminal when your pet is ready to be checked-in and dispatched to its destination at whatever time the airlines flight cut-off is to ensure that the box is properly labelled and to present the necessary paperwork to the airline for you.
  • Export Documents: Just Move prepare the transport documents and assist you to ensure that you have all the proper documentation, licences and veterinary certificates required for transport to your destination.
  • Storage: When it is not possible for you to be at the airport with us when your pet is traveling, we will take care of your pet during its stay and deliver to the airport for shipping for you.
  • Collection: If required, we can arrange to collect your pet and bring it to the airline for shipping or store it at our facility until it is time to ship.
  • Pet Travelling cage: From time to time we keep stocks of pet cargo/kennels, live animal boxes which we can provide at extra cost if you do not have one of your own or if yours is not IATA approved.
  • Customs Clearance: We prepare the export Customs Clearance paperwork depending on destination.
  • IATA: Just Move are partnered with International Air Transport Association-Approved Cargo Agent.
  • IPATA: Just Move service partners are proud members ofThe Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association” which was founded in 1979 to provide professional, competent and caring pet transportation relocation services throughout the USA and around the world.
  • Safe and Secure animal transfer which regularly include:
  • Canine Transfers 
  • Bird Transfers
  • Exotic animal transfers
  • Cat Transfers 
  • Equine Transfers



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