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Insurance Options


Insurance is a very important and often overlooked aspect of a clients home Move.  There is a misconception that companies automatically insure personal effects shipments. This is NOT the case, it is wise to always consider private Insurance where applicable.  



Moving can be a stressful time—whether you’re moving home or relocating office, locally or out-of-state. Accurate information regarding the right insurance to protect your belongings for loss and damage can ease the stress of the relocation. There are various options to suit your specific requirements.

Insurance solutions for:


  • Local Residential Moves
  • International Relocations
  • Commercial Relocations


We can offer Removals and Storage Insurance on every domestic move, which provides you with the peace of mind that your property and content will be fully protected throughout the relocation process.

To compliment our removals services we offer all domestic removals clients the option to avail of removals insurance with us. Just Move ‘Removals and Storage Policy’ (also known as ‘Goods In Transit & Storage Insurance’), ensures you and your property are fully protected during the crucial moving process. Although we take every possible precaution to minimise risk to your belongings, home removals insurance is essential for house moves.



With international removals we also offer comprehensive Marine Transit Insurance. We strive to ensure every precaution to minimise the chance that any of your personal content will be damaged, but the additional cover of our Marine Transit Insurance will provide protection for your personal belongings against the risks associated with international shipping and air freight.



Removals and Storage Insurance
In addition to our commercial removals services, we offer full removals and storage insurance for businesses and their property, goods and equipment. Our ‘Removals and Storage Policy’ (also known as Goods In Transit & Storage Insurance) allows you to rest assured that your valuable items are completely protected during the moving process.

Although our highly specialist team take the utmost care when moving and transporting your goods, we highly recommend our commercial removals insurance.


Marine Transit Insurance
If your business is relocating internationally, we also offer Marine Transit Insurance. Whilst we take every possible precaution to protect your belongings during their journey, our Marine Transit Insurance will offer that extra peace of mind. Your commercial goods and equipment will benefit from comprehensive protection against the risks associated with international shipping and air freight, arriving at their destination overseas safely and securely.

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Mechanical Derangement Insurance: 

 Electrical and Mechanical Derangement (Excluding Automobiles)

While common insurance will only cover visible damage to electrical/electronic items, Just Move provides you with Mechanical & Electrical Derangement Coverage that the items can be insured for derangement.

This policy includes loss or damage to the interest insured which is caused by electronic and/or electrical and/or mechanical derangement but it is important to note this is  provided the interest insured does not exceed six years old, subject to the goods being professionally packed



Professionally Packed

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