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Library Relocations

Just Move support our clients with the relocation move for their books, documents and journals. We offer services which include professional packing and transfer of content from across a campus or estate or indeed across a city. Just Move has the expertise, resources and professional working methodologies to successfully support your Library Relocations. As these precious items are moved rarely, an impeding relocation can increase stress levels among Librarians, Curators and custodians, accompanied with design or operational changes, significant move and change management may be required. Just Move offer this versatility and adaptability to facilitate our clients requirements. 

Full range of library relocation services including:

  • Project management and consulting
  • Space planning
  • Layout and collection flow
  • Move schedule and timeline
  • Filing audits
  • Book collection, artifact and shelf cleaning 
  • Book shifts for expansion or efficiency
  • Collection integration/segregation
    Shelving dismantling and installation
  • Storage (temporary or permanent)
  • Book recycling or Disposal



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