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Laboratory Relocations

Just Move has in-depth experience in relocating large and small scale laboratories for Medical and Biomedical parks, Research organisations, Universities, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare and Veterinary services.


Just Move understand the complexities and unique requirements of laboratory relocations and will successfully complete your move in line with legislation and good laboratory practice, whilst minimising your costs and downtime.


Complex equipment, hazardous substances, irreplaceable research programmes accompanied with passionate and engaged staff provide the ingredients for an intense and pressurised project.  Just Move highly trained PMP Project managers will evaluate full risk assessment and take centre stage for continued support and advice to our clients. 


Our Be-Spoke services and Project management and continued support offered to our clients set us apart. Our expertise and willingness to help and support our clients 24/7 is the corner stone of our company values.


Just Move undertake the following; 

  • Develop high level move schedule easy to understand 
  • Communicate and engage with each Lab or clinical department management team
  • Obtain the correct information reading hazardous product 
  • Ensure correct drivers/ staff and vehicles are secured for the detail spec required
  • Manage environmental, Health and safety requirements 
  • Interact with I.T, security and road authorities (where required) 
  • Supervise the physical move
  • Provide Pre and Post Move support



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